Gembird Multi-interface vibrating racing wheel with built-in vibration, foot pedals and gear stick (PC/PS2/PS3)
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Net weight:1.50 kg
Product name:Multi-interface vibrating racing wheel with built-in vibration, foot pedals and gear stick (PC/PS2/PS3)
Other features:Steering wheel with built-in vibration and gear stick; 3 interfaces in one wheel: PC (USB), PS2, PS3; Automatic game console detection without switching; Spring-loaded pedals with accelerator and brakes functions; 180-degree steering angle; 2-axis, 12 buttons with view hat; PS Button for direct access to the PS3 menu in PS3; Built-in dual vibration for realistic driving experience; Comfortable tactile-enhanced rubber grip; Sturdy heavy construction and strong suction cup fixation.
Technical features:Wheel rotation: 180 degrees; Wheel diameter 220 mm (9"); Supports: Digital mode and Analog mode in PS2, Direct-X mode and X-input mode in PC; Power consumption: 5 V DC up to 180 mA; Steering wheel cable length: 1.9 m; Foot pedal unit cable length: 1.7 m; Product size: 250 x 245 x 275 mm (LxHxW).
Gross weight:1.99 kg
Warranty:24 month(s)
Gross width (mm):270.00 mm
Gross height (mm):280.00 mm
TI weight (kg):1.30 kg
Plastic (No PET):490.00 g
WEEE tax:No
Embeeded battery:No
Gross weight:1.99 kg
Packing quantity:1.00 pc(s)
Volume (m3):0.02 m³
Net weight:1.50 kg
Tare weight (kg):0.49 kg
Gross depth (mm):285.00 mm
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